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irid. project is Silvia Cignoli (e. guitar, effects) + Andrea Tremolada (daxophone, sound objects) + Andrea Carlotto (visuals, lumanoise).

irid. is the scenic representation of a potential which transcends the sounds. irid. is a site-specific project (every performance is calibrated on the possibilities and potential of the location), it’s the research that tries to renew the performative aspect of experimental music.

IRIDESCENCE, a show by irid.

The performance is a synesthetic creation around the concept of iridescence.
Three artists are closely connected, every sound is produced by the single ones but also processed in another form (audio or video) by the other artists creating interferences, reflections or diffractions.
The interplay between the artists tries to find a continuing change of situations looking for inspirations in classical, avant-rock, drone, glitch music. In addition to the semi-improvised material, pieces of contemporary music are selected to be part of an organic fruition of the show.
The electroacoustic instrumentation includes handmade effects, vintage keyboards, daxophones and LDR machines that play with light like the lumanoise.
The three artists are behind a tulle sheet where the videos are projected, but the sheet is also backlit in order to make different layers interact with each other.
The visual artist plays with real time and prerecorded images and material shaped on the sound coming from the other artists.

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