Two excerpts from the film “Archivio vivo. Storie di progetti, corpi e processi” by Muse Factory of Projects, commissioned for the Design! Objects, processes, experiences and curated by Francesca Molteni with the editing by Silvia Biagioni, offers a reading on the lessons of Italian designers and the power of the archive:

Lea e il gomitolo (Cines, 1913)
With the courtesy of Museo Nazionale del Cinema di torino
Musiche di Silvia Cignoli


Abstract: My purpose is to re-read the absurdity and the irony of the movie and to enhance female identity against patriarchal stereotypes. The destruction of Lea’s home is described by an amusing and chaotic  musical deconstruction, made of  fragments that recreate new scenarios where Lea will be able to express herself. The music that goes with Lea’s destructive tendencies changes the perception of the character from awkward to aware and self determined. The destruction itself becomes creative, strong in a sense that allows Lea to affirm her identity and her talents.

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