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Laura Faoro // amplified and processed flutes

Silvia Cignoli // guitars, electronics


Flute and guitar were born as acoustic instruments, which use very simple actions to produce sound: the flute is linked to breathing, the guitar to the plucking of the strings. Yet with electronics and new technologies the two instruments are transformed and the possibilities expand, opening the way to soundscapes full of contemporary connections. METALLICUM musical project therefore aims to explore the points of contact, the frictions and the intersections between electric flute, electric guitar and electronics, with the desire to make this particular duo a hybrid, an "augmented sound object", capable of synchronizing acoustic elements and electronic transformations from a perspective that transcends musical genres. We want to propose an unprecedented anthology for flute and electric guitar, between classical music, electronics and instant improvisation, and we wish to make our project known to an ever-increasing audience, of different ages and outside the classical circuits of enthusiasts, making them consciously participate in the musical world that we propose.



The concert will therefore be an opportunity to listen to a selection from this anthology: regarding the Italian authors, Zone I by Maurizio Pisati in an unreleased version, Dogma #2 by Filippo Del Corno and Walks on Devil's Talk, unreleased by the young Luca Donati, winner of the call for scores announced in 2023 for this new recording project. The program will be completed by WAVE by the young American composer Baldwin Giang, winner of the Prix de Rome 2023, Elegy of Suspended Energy by Silvia Cignoli, and Argues - Cassandra with Siri by Ying Wang.


Laura Faoro, specialized in contemporary repertoire; awarded with two consecutive Stockhausen Prizes (2019 and 2022) and winner of the 2023 Donatella Giudici Culture Prize awarded to her by NoMus, she carries out a rich international musical and performative activity. For ten years she has been the author of intermedial projects aimed at valorising contemporary music in its interconnections with other performing arts, which have received various musical and theatrical awards.


Silvia Cignoli is a classical, electric guitarist and composer. She plays as a performer and author of her own works, in contemporary, classical and experimental music festivals and for audiovisual festivals, also dedicating herself to music for images. He released the albums “The Wharmerall”, “Digital Memories From a Suspended World” and “Shimmering Behavior”.

Graphics by GAAB, pics by Marco Sartirana

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